2006 USSSA Hispanic Rules










Rule 18. Hispanic Program


Sec.1. The Men's and Women's Hispanic World Tournament will feature two Divisions, which will call Competitive and Recreation.

Sec. 2. Any Men's Hispanic Team that has Players on its roster who played during the current season on Class "A," "B," or "C" Teams shall be required to play in the Hispanic Competitive Division.

Sea. 3. An Hispanic Team playing in the Men's Competitive Division may have one player on its roster whose name appears on the Major Player's List.

Sec. 4. Hispanic Men's and Women's Recreation Division Teams may have only players who compete in the Class "D" or lower classifications. No Player whose name appears on the Major Player's List shall be allowed to compete in the Hispanic Men's and Women's Recreation Division.

Sec. 5. Teams participating in the Hispanic Program will be allowed to have 5 players that are not of Hispanic origin on their roster. Only 3 will be allowed to participate in the game at the same time on offense or defense.

Sec. 6. In the Hispanic Programs a minimum of 9 Players can start a Game. However, an out shall be declared when the tenth position in the lineup is scheduled to bat. A tenth Player may be added to the tenth position any any time before the end of a Game. Any Team that starts a Game with 10 or 11 may drop to the minimum of 9 Players to finish the Game. All vacant spot(s) in the lineup will declared an out every time that lineup position is due to bat. If a Player is ejected from the Game for any reason, the ejected Players Team must have a substitute available to replace the ejected Player or that Team will forfeit the Game. If a Team starts with 9 or 10 Players they are not allowed to add the eleventh Player at a later time. Any Player that leaves the Game for any reason may not return to the Game. (This does not apply to normal re-entry and substitution) Exception: A player who has left the under the Blood Rule may return.

Sec. 7. Players are eligible to participate in the Hispanic Program by birth or marriage.

Sec. 8. All playing rules not specifically covered in Rule 18 of this book, shall be governed by the other rules, as outlined in Rules 1 through 10 of the USSSA Rule Book.